Political and military celebrities of Chinese celebrities Common sense (2)

Political and military celebrities of Chinese celebrities Common sense (2)

Famous military politicians

Duke Huang Qi

Nicknamed Jiang, nicknamed Xiaobai, Qi Xiang's younger brother, reigned in 685 BC. and 643 BC and was first monarch to dominate Central Plains during Spring and Autumn period. Because Qi Xiangong was dissolute and immoral, he fled to other countries for fear of accidents. After death of Duke Xiang, he returned to country before Prince Jiu and ascended throne as Duke Huang Qi. After that, he used Guan Zhong as Qi Xiang to carry out political, military and economic reforms, gradually strengthening Qi and becoming a great country in East. After that, he advocated slogan "respect king and destroy barbarians." He conquered mountains in north to save Yan, suppressed chaos of Di to save Xing, Wei, and royal family from disaster, and installed Zhou Xiangwang as king. In 651 BC Huihou Yukuiqiu (Lankao, Henan) established his position as ruler of Central Plains. Duke Huang Qi confused Zhufan 26 times during his 43rd reign. After death of Duke Huang Qi, civil strife broke out and national power fell into decline.

Sun Wu

Style name - Changqing, originally from Le'an, State of Qi, and then transferred to State of Wu, a famous general and great military theorist of Spring and Autumn period. Sun Wu's great-grandfather and grandfather were famous generals of state of Qi. The influence of family made Sun Wu very fond of military affairs. At that time, King Helu of Wu had just taken throne and wanted to expand his army. To establish hegemony, talents of commanders who command troops in battle are urgently needed. Minister Wu Zixiu recommended Sun Wu. In 506 B.C. King Wu worshiped Sun Wu as his general and led 30,000 elite troops to attack Chu. Sun Wu showed his talents, won five battles and five victories, and defeated 200,000-strong Chu army with 30,000 troops. In 484 BC Sun Wu helped King Fuchai of Wu defeat State of Qi at Battle of Ai Ling, greatly increasing prestige of State of Wu, and replaced State of Jin as overlord at Huangchi Huimeng two years later. Sun Wu not only accomplished outstanding military feats, but also left behind an immortal military masterpiece - "Sun Tzu's Military Art". This military art had a huge and profound influence on development of Chinese military science. Cao Cao personally did systematic annotations for Sun Tzu's Art of War. Sun Tzu was also revered as "Soldier's Sage" and "Soldier's Ancestor" because of his outstanding military talents and accomplishments.

Solar basket

The real name is not passed down because he was punished with a trash can (knee cap removed), so later generations are called Sun Bing. When he was young, due to being set up by his classmate Pang Juan, he was tortured in Wei State, and later taken in by Tian Ji, a general in Qi State. In race between Tian Ji and King Qi, he helped Tian Ji youplay a race with a bad horse. In 354 BC he led Wei soldiers to besiege Handan, capital of Zhao state, and Zhao state turned to state of Qi for help. The State of Qi accepted Sun Bin's proposal and did not directly fortify Handan, but took advantage of void to attack Dalian, capital of State of Wei. The Wei army had no choice but to turn back to rescue Dalian. As she was returning to army and passing through Guiling, she was attacked by Qi army lying in wait here. This is "encircling Wei and saving Zhao." In 342 BC. South Korea was under attack and South Korea turned to Qi for help. Sun Bin waited a long time for two countries to fight, and when army was exhausted, he once again ordered Qi army to attack Wei capital Dalian, Wei Jun suffered heavy casualties, and Pang Juanbing committed suicide. Later, Sun Bing summarized his combat experience and wrote famous "The Art of War of Sun".

Gou Jian, King of Yue

The Spring and Autumn King of Yue, Yue's son Wang Yunchang, also known as Yingzhi, reigned for 32 years. Goujian is an outstanding statesman in history of our country. As a young man, he was defeated by Fuchai, King of Wu, and was forced to surrender. During this period, Goujian endured humiliation day after day, endured humiliation, and hoped for revenge. After being pardoned and returned to country, he extensively used Fan Li, Wen Zhong and others to rectify state affairs and develop production. After 10 years of energy recovery, he gradually restored national strength of state of Yue. In 482 BC Gou Jian seized Fu Chai's opportunity to head north to fight for hegemony in Inner Void, invaded Wu State in one fell swoop, and killed Wu Taizi, forcing Fu Chai to make peace with Vietnam. In 473 BC Yue army broke through State of Wu again and forced King of Wu to commit suicide, and State of Wu perished. After Ping Wu, Gou Jian led his troops across Huai River and held a meeting of princes in Xuzhou (now south of Teng County, Shandong Province), becoming at that time overlord. Since Spring and Autumn period was coming to an end at this time, Goujian became last master of Kangqiu.

Shang Yang

A renowned thinker, statesman, military strategist and reformer of mid-Warring States period. He is a descendant of King Wei, so he took surname "Wei" for himself and was named Wei Yang, also known as Gongsun Yang. Later, since state of Qin was called Shang Jun, it was also called Shang Yang. Shang Yang is a representative of emerging class of landlords during period of great social transformation from slavery to feudalism in our country. In his youth, he was fond of studying criminal names. Wei once recommended him to King Wei Hui. Xianggong Shucuo, but it was not reused, so he left Wei and went to Qin. Qin Xiaogong ordered reform. He was first to implement such measures as encouragement of agricultureI and weaving, military merit awards, household registration compilation, introduction of continuous sitting, and strict laws and regulations that made state of Qin initially prosperous and strong, and then gradually developed into a powerful country. who laid foundation for unification of China by Qin Shi Huang over 100 years later and made great contributions to establishment and strengthening of feudal system. However, because Shang Yang's reform offended old nobles of state of Qin, after death of Duke Xiao, he was accused of treason and died in chariot.

Qin Shi Huang

Named Yingzheng, son of King Zhuangxiang of Qin during Warring States period, founder of Qin Dynasty and first feudal emperor in Chinese history. After he inherited throne of King of Qin, he continued a series of policies, starting with Qin Xiaogong's reforms and innovations, rewarding agriculture and war, and accepted proposals of Li Xi and others, making friends from afar and attacking from afar, and successively destroying six Han countries , Wei, Chu, Yan, Zhao and Qi. He ended centuries of division and separatism since days of Spring and Autumn and Warring States and created first unified feudal centralized state in Chinese history. After unification of world, he instituted honorary title of "emperor", called himself "first emperor", abolished system of enfeoffment from time of Shang and Zhou, introduced a system of prefectures and counties, unified laws, measures and weights, currency and writing throughout country, and built They built Great Wall, built postal roads, attacked Huns in north and Baiyue in south. These measures laid foundations for politics, economy, and culture of Chinese feudal society. However, to consolidate his power, he applied cruel despotism, harsh punishments and harsh laws, burned books and censored Confucian scholars, built large-scale construction projects, suppressed culture and thought, and made people unhappy. Shortly after his death, a major peasant uprising broke out in Qin Dynasty, which died shortly thereafter. He achieved outstanding achievements in history, which is why later generations called him "emperor through ages."


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