10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

The entire twentieth century has experienced two world wars and Cold War, during which whole structure of world was changing almost all time. This period is naturally inseparable from propaganda of history by some great historical figures. Today we will sum up ten greatest politicians of 20th century.

Tenth place, Castro

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

Although Castro is only leader of a small country, Cuba, Cuba has been in spotlight of world several times due to special geographical position of country. During this period, Castro not only led Cuban revolution, but was also an adherent of world communist movement. Castro played an extremely important role in Latin America and even in Africa after World War II. There are still quite a few Castro fans around world who continue Castro's unfinished business.

Ninth place, Nelson Mandela

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

Twenty-seven years in prison did not eliminate his opposition to policies of apartheid, which made Mandela banner of anti-racism in world. His influence not only brought an end to white apartheid in South Africa, but also contributed to global anti-racist movement. We can see Mandela's impact on world from 91 heads of state and government and 15 former leaders who traveled to South Africa to attend funerals after Mandela's death.

Eighth place, Nasser

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

Nasser's life not only led Egypt to free itself from control of British colonialism, but also led to Egypt becoming most powerful military power in Middle East and North Africa. This made Nasser once leader of entire Arab world.

During Second Middle East War, Nasser skillfully used diplomatic and political means to force Britain and France to end war. Prevent Egypt from becoming a European colony again.

During Third Middle East War, he commanded an Egyptian army to attack Israel and reclaim Israeli-controlled Sinai Peninsula, a rare Israeli defeat in previous Middle East wars. After that, Nasser, taking advantage of pressure of international public opinion, not only completely returned territories lost by Egypt in Second Middle East War, but also forced Egypt to completely withdraw from Palestinian-Israeli conflict after recognizing Israel.

In addition, Nasser, Indian Prime Minister Nehru and Yugoslav President Tito jointly initiated creation of Non-Aligned Movement. He created living space for small countries during period of hegemony between United States and Soviet Union.

Seventh place, Nehru

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

As Founding Prime Minister of India, he soon became a very prestigious international political figure after India's independence. During his tenure, he strongly opposed imperialism and colonialism in Western world. He returned colonies of France and Portugal in South Asian subcontinent.

In 1950s, Nehru, Egyptian President Nasser and Yugoslav President Tito initiated creation of Non-Aligned Movement. Together with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, he proposed five principles for peaceful coexistence. As a result, Nehru at one time became most authoritative leader in Third World. However, in later years, Nehru blindly launched a war against China because he took initiative to provoke China. In end, not only India suffered a crushing defeat, but he also consistently asked for help from United States, Soviet Union and other countries during this period, which also made Non-Aligned Movement, which he was most proud of in his life, bankrupt in India.

Sixth place, Tito

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

During World War II, anti-fascist war in Yugoslavia led by Tito made Yugoslavia only country in Eastern Europe that relied primarily on its own strength to defeat Nazi Germany. After World War II, Tito avoided an alliance with Soviet Union, allowing Yugoslavia to embark on path of independent development, and in his time made country a high-income country comparable to industrial countries of West.

The Non-Aligned Movement led by Tito, Nasser and Nehru also found living space for Third World countries during struggle for hegemony between United States and Soviet Union. After Tito's death, his funeral was once known as that of most solemn politician.

Fifth place, Churchill

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

As an aristocrat, Churchill led British war against fascism. His heroic and fearless spirit not only inspired entire United Kingdom, but also made him one of three leaders of Allied forces in World War II, along with Roosevelt and Stalin. Churchill's Iron Curtain speech after World War II marked beginning of Cold War.

Fourth place, Charles de Gaulle

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

After fall of France in World War II, de Gaulle led Free French movement in France. During this period, he led Free France and French colonies in Africa to join Allied forces in fight against Axis powers. After Normandy landings, Free French he led liberated most of France. This allowed France to remain one of five permanent members of UN Security Council after end of World War II.

After Second World War, de Gaulle began to admire his deholism and introduced an independent defense system and an independent foreign policy. Not only did this prevent France from becoming a puppet of United States after World War II, it also allowed all of Europe to deal with United States, with France as center. Gaullist diplomatic thinking is still worst enemy of American diplomacy in Europe.

Third place, Stalin

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

Lenin created Soviet Union, and Stalin made Soviet Union really strong. Stalin not only led Soviet Union to victory in Great Patriotic War, but also, under influence of Stalin, created Eastern European bloc with Warsaw Pact at its core. At same time, Stalin also greatly contributed to and influenced Chinese and Korean revolutions. The Soviet Union under Stalin laid foundation for future global hegemony with United States.

Second Place, Roosevelt

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century


As only great statesman in history of United States to serve four consecutive terms as president, Roosevelt led United States out of Great Depression in his first term. Stop America from becoming fascist. After incident at Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt not only spared no effort to provide great assistance to Allies, but also directly sent troops to participate in war. The involvement of United States directly changed situation during World War II, with result that total strength of Allied forces suddenly surpassed that of Axis. Roosevelt thus became the greatest statesman of World War II.

First place, Mao Zedong

10 Greatest Politicians of 20th Century

The greatness of Mao Zedong is not only that he led Chinese people to victory in a new democratic revolution and created a new China. Mao Zedong's "Report on Investigation of Peasant Movement in Hunan Province" written in 1927, for first time in history, resolved question of situation of peasants in revolution. His military theories such as peasant movement, cities surrounding countryside, armed workers and peasants, and guerrilla warfare played a large role in development of national liberation movement around world after World War II. His three-world diplomatic concept greatly improved international situation during and after Cold War.

The thought of Mao Zedong, which consists of political ideas of Mao Zedong, diplomatic ideas, military theories and philosophical thinking, still plays a huge role in modern world.


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